The Moscow Mellow Divas

Moscow-Mellow-DivasOn Wednesday mornings, if you happen to walk past a certain apartment near Patriarshiye Prudy, you may hear female voices singing in three or four part harmony, as the Moscow Mellow Divas rehearse for their next concert. The choir was started by Sharon Wilson, a British soprano, in April 2005, initially for members of the British Women’s Club, but was later expanded to include all other nationalities. There are currently about eight nationalities represented.
The main purpose of the choir is to have fun making music and singing a wide variety of musical styles, but also to raise money from the performances, for several Russian charities. The two or three charities which receive donations each season are chosen from those in which some of the choir members are actively involved. moscow-mellow-divas-group
The programme for each of the twice-yearly concerts is put together by Sharon and covers a wide variety of musical styles including folk, musical theatre, popular classical, jazz and spiritual. The programmes always contain contributions from the full choir plus smaller ensemble groups and solos from within the choir.
The range of experience and musical talent within the choir is also quite extensive, ranging from non-music readers who have not sung since their school days, to much more experienced singers and musicians. Sharon insists that it is not necessary for choir members to have accomplished solo voices. All that is needed is a love of singing, the ability to sing in tune (which she checks with a quick pitch test for new members) and availability for day-time rehearsals.
It has been proved that singing releases endorphins in the body (the same endorphins which are produced through exercise) and this lifts a singer’s mood and spirits and help to create a feeling of well-being. This effect and the friendly sociability of the rehearsals are great reasons for expats and Russians alike to join the choir. Numbers do have to be limited to a maximum of 27 as the rehearsals take place in two or three of the choir members’ apartments, but currently there are about 20 singers, so there are spaces for new choir members for this spring/summer season. The concerts are performed in the first half of June and December.
If any ladies wish to join the choir they can contact Sharon directly on [email protected]