kidsaveOur Programmes:

‘Teen Mother’ programme helps vulnerable young mothers and pregnant girls learn how to care for their babies, experience the joy of motherhood, and stop the dreadful cycle of ‘inherited orphan hood’. Girls are provided with counselling and assistance in finding housing and jobs, accessing social benefits prior to delivery and during the critical early years of motherhood.

kidsave-support‘Strong Shoulders’ is a social adaptation and mentoring program that works with orphans and young adults. Participants are prepared for independent life after leaving the orphanages with the support of an adult mentor. The participants are given opportunities to prepare themselves to lead healthy, productive, and successful lives with the help of such mentors who are supportive, caring adults who help them find a way out of their often complicated situations, and offer support for their personal and professional development.

‘Corporate Mentoring’ is a program designed to give older children in orphanages exposure to the workplace. A small group of children visit company offices to learn more about the professional work environment and interact with employees. Businesses can also provide internships and job opportunities for orphanage graduates.