The Editor’s Letter – Issue 1

John Harrison, Editor
[email protected]

Kim Waddoup, Publisher
[email protected]










A very warm welcome to the first issue of Moscow expat Life. Our story from first thoughts to production has actually been a long one and we are delighted with the results.

There are a growing number of expats in Moscow. Many of you will have been here for a long time but others are coming to join our ranks everyday. This great city that we call home is also experiencing significant changes and we will be covering these developments in our pages.

The primary aim of the Moscow expat Life is to extend to the entire expat community in Moscow an integrated platform for both business and pleasure featuring a strong community spirit uniting all foreign nationals enabling us to share each other’s experiences.

We aim to actively cover many circles of expat life. These will include Business Clubs, Embassy events, social, sport and charity gatherings all of which are so relevant to our expat community.

We will aim to make our articles interesting and informative. We will avoid politics, economics and religion preferring to concentrate on the challenges and pleasures that greet all of us everyday.

Moscow expat News will be printed quarterly based on the four seasons and will soon be joined by our inter-active website enabling us to publish your up-to-date information on events and happening in the near future.

Our Restaurant/Bar/Café guide is the largest and will continue to grow. Use us to find new restaurants or to re-visit bars that you have forgotten.

This is your community magazine! Write to us and tell us what is happening, invite us to your events, we will bring a photographer and make a photo report in the next edition.

If you have suggestions, we’ll listen.