Olga Golovkina

What is your role in Moscow’s social scene?

I am quite involved in all kinds of international social and business events in Moscow because I really like the international spirit and meeting people from all over the world. I lived for many years in France where I met many people from everywhere and it was there that I think I became an international person!

In 2011 I decided to organize occasional international after-work networking parties on the French theme in Moscow. At first my events were planned exclusively for the French community. They eventually became quite popular and appreciated by all the expat community and Russians!

My parties on the French theme are first of all for Moscow’s French-speaking community but not only: these are very good occasions for all cool international people and Russians in Moscow to have a nice evening, have fun and meet great people for business networking or for friendship! French-style parties usually take place in different bars and restaurants where I know the owners and where we are able to propose an open bar menu with food and drinks and a party atmosphere all inclusive!

If you have just arrived to Moscow you have a lot of things to discover here and it will be a very new experience in terms of Russian culture, the way of doing business, the mentality etc… I really hope that you are able to keep an open mind and get to spend time not only with your colleagues and compatriots but branch out and try to really discover the Russian way of living!

And of course come to my parties to socialize and have fun! Feel free to invite your friends/colleagues to join these events by sending me a mail on: [email protected] . I will put you on my mailing list. If you speak French, I invite you to join our Facebook group: Les Francophones a Moscou. We are already 1300 members strong!