Maria’s Children, Art Rehabilitation Center

Maria Yeliseyeva, Director Maria’s Children

We are a public organization, founded in Moscow in 1997. We work with orphans and children with special needs, trying to close the chasm between children raised in families and those in state institutions. We want to help these children develop their creative abilities, choose a profession, gain everyday life skills, cultivate kindness, and instill in them a desire to help others. We aspire to work on the problems these children face with mainstream public life, bringing to light the obstacles and social hurdles that they face.

In our studio, children participate in art activities such as painting, ceramics, sewing and other crafts. We play at clowns and theatre games. The children also have lessons in foreign languages, music, cooking, and the chance to see a social teacher and psychologist. Every winter and summer we run an adaptive art camp outside of Moscow, where children gain life skills and understand what it means to be part of a family. We work with children in Beslan; taking our master-class, workshops and performances to them, and bringing Beslan children to our camp programs. Art works created by our children have been included in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad; bringing public recognition to young artists and attracting attention to our work.

If what we do stirs something inside of you, and you would like to help us somehow, please don’t ignore that feeling!! We depend so much on financial donations and support from people.
Please visit our web-site: or call +7 495 692-4870