The Irish Business Club

Avril Conway
Chair of The Irish Business Club

The members of the Irish Business Club are a mix of both Russian and Irish professional people and private individuals. I have lived in Russia for 18 years and have loved it, but it has not been without its low moments. It takes some time to understand the Russian culture and to make friends but I would say now I have made some friends for life here. Russian people are very well educated and I truly believe our role is to transfer knowledge and understanding. This is sometimes a challenge for people. Moscow as a city is very big and yet very small; it can feel like a lonely place if you are not active and out there. Sometimes the things we take for granted like shopping and driving can be very challenging here. All in all it is a super place but, for anyone who is new, the only advice I would give is ask for advice; it is always useful. We try and help in this respect as much as we can.