Chiara Pascarella

What is your role in Moscow’s social scene?

I’m definitely a social networker, it’s probably something that comes natural being a south Italian. I have been working in Communications for 15 years, so I use this skill in personal and business life. I came to Moscow the first time 10 years ago and I started to grow up my network as usual, but what really multiplied by contacts was my work in Moscow’s nightlife scene. When Sinisha Lazarevich asked me to join him in his new project I was sceptical, but he is a nightlife guru and I could not refuse; well luxury nightlife made me a popular character on the social scene, I entered very close circles and became the ‘Italianka’ (Italian woman) of the Russian high society.

In your opinion what are the greatest challenges facing expats in Moscow?

People talk about language barriers, traffic jams, no loyalty from employees, everything being overpriced and winter for 9 months of the year. I think that’s all partially true, but I spoke Russian within 6 months of arriving here, I take the metro and I like winter. In my opinion, the real challenge is to have enough energy to follow the continuous evolution of the city, Moscow changes every day!

What is your target audience?

My company Dasiyes in English has three divisions—PR Agency, Italian luxury services and nightlife—so my network develops in different directions and has different target audiences. If I have to find one common threads, I could say fashionable people, high networking individuals, top managers of companies and people who love Italian charm.