British Business Club

Don Scott, President British Business Club

I have been lucky to have lived and worked in Russia for more than 23 years as businessman and entrepreneur. I have watched Russia grow, reach great achievements and take great falls. Through these times my interest and enthusiasm for the British Business Club was born. In the mid-90’s a small group of businessmen met up to talk about what could be done to support British businesses in Russia and help local communities. By 1998, this became a comfort meeting for those who had survived one of the hardest financial falls to hit anywhere. However, the British business Club continued to pull together the British business Community and assist local charities and business people. Today, the British Business Club supports more than 600 British or affiliated people and companies with regular meetings and charitable events. We have strong local contacts and help where we can, if not directly, then at least with a guiding hand to a person, organisation or ministry.

Life has changed tremendously for the British Expat over the last 20 years in Russia. This is not an easy place to do business nor find friends, and yet friendships made here are true and lasting. One thing is sure–Russia will remain a country of change.

There is still a long way to go. Local language knowledge is becoming increasingly necessary, but the ability to adapt to change remains a big requirement. Russia continues to offer massive opportunities to British businesses, but it takes stamina to see them through. The BBC offers a small sanctuary of Britain to help in these times.